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Blender Buying Guide

You might typically not replace your blender often. But just in case you are on the lookout to replace your old bender or even buy your first one, you will find this buying guide a quick and useful stop.

Types of Blenders

Handheld or Immersion Blenders

Handheld blenders are small cylindrical-shaped appliances. You hold an immersion blender at one end and use the blades at the other end to chop and mix the food. You need not transfer the food to a blender jar before using this appliance.

Personal or Single-Serve Blenders

Personal blender are individual serving sized appliances. They also double as a cup or an on-the-go container. Personal blenders are good for making smoothies and as a travel kit.

Countertop Blenders

Countertop Blenders are bigger sized appliances and more hardy for everyday use. They have faster and more thorough mixing capacities. Countertops can be used to make fruit juices, blend leafy vegetables, mill flour, grind nuts, crush ice, make hot soup etc.

Features to look out for in a Blender

Container/Jar Size

Personal blenders have just about 600ml or 2-cup capacity. A countertop blender will have about 5 to 8 cup capacity. Also consider how the blender will fit on your kitchen workspace, under the kitchen cabinet, and in the cupboard. A countertop blender may need about 18-inches vertical clearance space. The more accessories the blender has, the more space it takes.

Container/Jar Material

Blender jars are mostly made from glass, plastic or steel. Glass jars are less likely to stain or lose its shine with time, although they are more breakable. Plastic jars are less likely to break in a fall but the jar will look dull quicker with time. Steel blenders are very durable and look nice. However they are not transparent.


A blender's power is measured in watts. More watts on a blender may not always translate to faster and finer mixes. The speed and thoroughness on a blender is also determined by the shape of the jar and the type of blades. More watts may produce more obvious result on an immersion blender.

Speeds and Settings

Speeds range from 3 to 16. A 3-speed blender may be sufficient for everyday use although more speed offers more precision when blending. Other blenders also have quick blend settings for smoothies, hot soup, etc. Others too have a pulse setting which gives you give a quick speed blend for as long as you hold the pulse button down. This is useful when you want to blend food to a very precise level of smoothness.


Check if the blades in the blender are removable. Otherwise be very careful if you want to wash with a sponge. A much safer cleaning method is to pour hot water and soap in the blender and run the blender for some seconds.

What’s your Budget

Countertop blenders are typically more expensive than handheld and personal blenders. The price of a countertop blender is usually determined by the wattage, capacity and added features. The type of blender you buy should be based on typical use and available budget for extra features.