Rules & Regulations

All post on PriceDrummer are made public. Therefore, all posts must: be free from offensive or abusive language, do not break the law, truthful Any post in the form of an advertisement will be deleted without notice.


  • One account per user. Username name cannot be an email address.
  • The forum is categorized by topics. Please post in the appropriate topic.
  • No advertisements. Spamming is not permitted.
  • Do not post any copyrighted materials
  • No insults to other members. Bullying, vulgar, hateful, discriminatory sexually explicit contents are not be accepted.
  • Do not post personal addresses, email, phone numbers etc, on the forum
  • Repetitive posts will be deleted without notice
  • Do not post anything with pernographic content.
  • Impersonation of another user is not permitted. Offenders will be banned from using the forum.


Product reviews must be;

Written based on personal experience with the product and should be based on facts. Any review that is done in order to receive financial compensation or in any form is prohibited. We reserve the right to contact reviewers to ask for clarification on the reviews that they write.

Shop reviews must be;

Written by individuals and not companies. If we determine that shop reviews have been sponsored by associates of the shops (or the shop itself) on PriceDrummer, the reviews will be deleted and the account permanently deleted.